SEMA Las Vegas

Las Vegas SEMA Weekend Events

So you’re going to Las Vegas for the cars, right. The only thing you’re interested in are the new creations you’ll see at SEMA. It’s all about the cars. There’s no other reason to head to Sin City with your buddies this October. You’re not going to enjoy a good meal, a night on the town, and you’re certainly not planning to set foot in a casino. Nope, it’s all about the cars.


Las Vegas VIP Service with a Personal Touch

BRIAN PFEIFFER SHOWCASED ON “THE STRIP LIVE” FOR VEGASNET.TV‘s Brian Pfeiffer caught up with The Strip Live for an interview on his career, company and why celebrities, party-goers and high-rolling gamblers prefer his services over any others when they come to Las Vegas. Brian speaks with The Strip Live’s Maria Ngo and details his…